If you're thinking about migrating services to the cloud you need to think about the foundations you're building on. - These are the services that under pin your business application, they need to be secure and maintained.

These foundation services are:-

  1. Identity (Directories)
  2. Data
  3. Devices / Workspaces
  4. Networks

In most cases you'll need or want to know who's accessing your data from what device and that they have the adequate performance.

Do you have good "offboarding" procedures? - What happens when that salesman leaves to "Do his own thing?" - Can you stop him leaving with your data?

Data Loss prevention can be configured to stop people walking out with your key assets. (your customers)

Securing your endpoint devices means the laptops, desktops, tablets and mobiles. What happens if one gets lost or stolen? - can you prevent the data disapearing? What happens if the data gets into the wrong hands? - Will it be the front page of the NZ Herald? - or will people lose trust in your company to keep thier data safe?

Data is an Asset - it doesn't matter if it's on premise or in the cloud.. YOU need to protect it.




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