We had two conversations yesterday about technical debt.

The first was based around looking at the wider plan, making sure we always have the big picture in mind. That's a great chat to have, moving in the right direction, not building point solutions.

The second was about implementing a road map for delivery, there's 6 large initiatives with no real dependencies... until you look at the big picture. - once these are all live the business will fundamentally change, there will be better collaboration, People will be more engaged and the results will follow. - Do we want to write a business case and pull this lot together - heck no!

Do we want assistance connecting people to the mission and giving them a sense of purpose - Heck yeah!

When we plan initiatives we have to work with what we have (the current state) and where we want to be (the future state).. now look at the Gif above... this is us moving the blocks around on a daily basis.. 20 year old systems that prevent upgrades, no problem.. end of support.. sure.. I'll move a few more pieces so that critical business  process keeps running.

Having a plan is awesome, but be flexible, it's a moving target and you'll never be finished.. and eventually that technical debt, the 20 year old system will stop you clearing the row... and the costs will mount up.

Nail the current state... what's helping you and what's not? - address the blocks holding you back

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