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Did you know you can get all the latest Microsoft Office features ahead of everyone else? The Windows Insider program is really handy for staying ahead of the curve, knowing what features your business is going to get rolled out, and what you need to stop happening.

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When a new piece of software is deployed Microsoft will often turn on features you've previously had turned off. For example if you've deployed MS Office Pro Plus and you then redeploy Visio you need to test it, this is because Visio automatically re-enables OneDrive.

On the plus side there's always a bunch of new features being deployed that have real business benefit, Linkedin is getting more and more integrated. If you have a meeting with a client you can look for similar interest before you visit or find mutual friends.

The Office Insider program was created for people who want to help shape the future of workplace and personal productivity. As an Insider, you get access to early releases, giving you an opportunity to provide feedback on the latest innovations. Your feedback goes directly to the product teams at Microsoft to help make Office even better for users across the globe.

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