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Let's talk about projects. Most of our clients generaly use a "Waterfall" methodology, they analyse, plan, work the plan and deliver. There's a lot of documentation and it takes weeks or months to deliver even the most simple projects because multiple people need to "Sign things off".

It's often not clear who's responsible for what, and who has the bandwidth to deliver. Recognising this, companies started to move to a more Agile approach, this comes with its own problems, for example, nobody is clear on what's being delivered and when they will get it, Documentation is scarce and Project Managers rely on a "He said, she said" approach.

The last type of project we see is "FreeFall' this is when it's going badly wrong, often the budget is unclear, having already exceeded the allocation, there's no clear end date and nobody really know's what they're getting. Often these projects are "too big to fail"

We don't really mind which methodology you use to deliver, as long as there are specific goals set. Goals should be revisited at least weekly to make sure your project isn't going off Piste.

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Realistic
  5. Timebound

A bad example of a goal is "I want to lose weight" - How do you know you've achieved it?

A good example is "I want to lose 3Kg so I can fit into my suit for my wedding in 6 weeks"

Let's start taking projects back to basics, set goals, keep them tightly bound.

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