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Every day we hear of more companies and organisations moving systems and business services to the Cloud. It's simply unsustainable to continue to build, manage and maintain systems that require major upgrades every 4-5 years..

Thinking of moving to the cloud? Our top 5 reasons are...

  1. Cloud offers better insight and visibility
    • You can use analytics to drive insights from your data
  2. It makes collaboration easy
    • Connecting with each other, your SaaS applications and other businesses couldn't be simpler (or more secure)
  3. It can support lots of business needs
    • Scalability
    • Storage
    • Rapid innovation, development and execution
    • inter-service messaging
  4. It's cheap to explore
    • Don't like something? - turn it off and stop paying
  5. The results are proven
    • Increased efficiency
    • reduction in cost if highly automated
  6. It's more secure and less risky
    • Cloud providers have hundreds of security experts - how many do you have?
    • Compliance is often built in
    • Disaster Recovery is often built in
    • High Availability is easy to "Turn on"

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