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We've been pushing this theory for awhile, let us know if you think it makes sense... "By reducing Hand offs between Technology or Service Partners we can improve the services downstream and solve any problems faster"

Here's an example, say you have 5000 laptops, 3 different types of Docking station and 3 different types of monitors, and everything is from a different vendor.

if there's an issue with a screen flicker where do you start? - you can check the resolution of the laptop, update the drivers, change the frequencies of the displays, get the 3 vendors in for a "Chat" at which point they all look at each other and shrug their shoulders.

On the other hand if the laptop, dock and screens were all from the same vendor you'd only have one person to call... This is obviously the Utopia, but there's nothing to stop you moving ths way. Next time someone says they prefer the look of something or it's a few dollars cheaper.. remember this story.

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