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When the Ministry of Justice was looking at the All of Government Software Framework Agreement for Microsoft 365 one of our consultants was on hand to cut through the chaff.

We picked apart the agreement and mapped each of the services to the Ministry's ICT services. Having a unique set of data is a challenge for some Ministry's so writing a roadmap for the adoption of Cloud Services was very important. - We needed to get 6 different sizeable projects all working to the same plan. 


We used the Microsoft FastTrack framework and worked with Microsoft to come up with "Foundations" that needed to be in place. These are

  1. Device (Windows 10 Enterprise and Office 365)
  2. Identity (Azure AD)
  3. Connectivity (SDWAN)
  4. Data Security

Once the Foundations are in place we can "turn on" any or all Cloud Services (That meet the unique data sovereignty laws) knowing our data, devices and identities are secure and well managed.

A line in the sand was drawn out with clear exit criteria for each of the in flight projects. 

“A Coordinated approach has the advantage of enabling multiple ICT services to benefit.” - enhancing the justice services used by thousands of New Zealanders everyday.

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