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Updated August 2020 - Microsoft now extending support for a further 3 years... As long as you're in Azure

The Windows Server 2008 is heading towards End of Life leaving many organizations without security updates beyond the cut-off date of January 14, 2020.

Upgrading will be a massive job as roughly 70% of enterprise Windows applications run on Windows Server 2008 or earlier versions.

So let's talk about risk, no security updates is the first issue, these platforms will be increasingly targetted, so web services should be your top priority. The next issue you'll have is that anti-virus will stop being supported by the vendors. 

The best way to remove risk is to decommission a system, the second best way is to move it to "as a service" can you procure a service that did what the legacy infrastructure did?

Stuck with it for a while? - Then Docker might be the answer, containerise the application and move it to a modern server.

Here's our 4 step plan

  1. Discovery - Catalogue your Software and Workloads
  2. Assess - Categorise applications
  3. Target - Identify destination platforms
  4. Migrate  - Make the move

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